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10 rules for full immersion travel

Travel is made up of many things. This is both the feeling of taking off the plane from the ground and the multicolored patches of land floating below, from time to time hiding under the clouds. This is a strip of the road running away under the wheels, and necessarily – roadside life: cafes, gas stations, drivers driving along neighboring lanes. This, of course, is the line at the airport of the country of arrival, where you can see the motley variety of a variety of visitors, listen to dozens of languages. These are people who come across in another country in various places: on the way to the store, on a walk, the owners of rented apartments, and new friends. Traveling is generally primarily people.*

How to travel properly? The question has no definite answer, because to each his own. I know that for many, travel is a combination of service, shopping, and the opportunity to see what you expect to see. It’s also not bad – if it helps someone to feel the atmosphere of the country, then to each his own. For me, traveling correctly means seeing this other world as it is. But is it different?

The more you travel, the more you realize that many places in the world are similar to each other. The city scenery changes, but the people remain the same. And this is natural: all people are different, but in general, we remain one species, the closest genetic relatives. There are some places where life is really different, and for this novelty, they go to India, to the sparsely populated Pacific islands, make safaris to the habitats of mundane Australian aborigines or Thai long-necked women. Appearance – clothes, behavior, manners, habits – will be really different. But people always remain people, and from this site, only the scenery changes too …

How can you travel in such a way that you really interact with the world and not just change the scenery? What is this, from a purely practical side of the issue? Several rules of the present travel from my point of view sound like this.

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