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10 safest countries in the world

Every day we see a huge amount of dark and scary news about situations in different states around the world. Now you need to be especially careful when planning your trip – there is too great a chance to get a whole bunch of problems instead of well-deserved rest. It is for this reason that the independent organization Institute for Economics and Peace has introduced its annual schedule of the most and least secure countries around the world. This year the first ten places were taken by these countries.

10 safest countries in the world


Slovenia took last place. Minor internal conflicts force the state to use more police force, which makes tourists feel safer.

10 safest countries in the world


Believe it or not, the former Asian Tiger is now considered one of the safest and safest countries in the world. The low homicide rate, the ban on the carrying of weapons for citizens, and the inherent calmness of the Japanese make the state a real gift for the ex-pat.

10 safest countries in the world


In Canada, apparently, it is too cold for any illegal actions. This large, strong, and reliable state is perfect for those who would like to live in peace and cut trees for their pleasure.

10 safest countries in the world


The position of indifferent neutrality in foreign policy has allowed Switzerland to become one of the most peaceful countries on the planet. Here you just don’t need to commit crimes to live well – just work is enough.

10 safest countries in the world


The Czech Republic is slowly but surely becoming more attractive for life. The abundance of tourists implies the operational work of the police and special services: relatively few crimes are committed here and the percentage of disclosure is very high.

10 safest countries in the world


Earlier this year, Lisbon was named the most underrated city in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler. Few tourists really get here and in vain: the beauty of Portugal, coupled with the safety of Lisbon’s quiet streets, makes this a great choice.

10 safest countries in the world

New Zealand

This country is increasingly chosen by those who decided to try to radically change their lives. Low crime, gorgeous beaches, and no drug problems – what else do you need to be completely happy?

10 safest countries in the world


Robert Frost wrote that “good fences make good neighbors” and this statement works quite well at the state level. The borders with the Czech Republic (the center of European prostitution and drug trafficking) and Germany (migrants) did not affect the situation in Austria itself.

10 safest countries in the world


Denmark is regularly ranked among the happiest countries in the world, but now it is recognized as one of the safest. The most serious conflict in many years was a territorial dispute with Canada over the right to own a desert island. Problems with crime? Virtually none.

10 safest countries in the world


For the sixth year in a row, Iceland ranks first in the country’s security index. Scandinavians do not have border disputes (this is, after all, an island), almost never face murders, and they read about terrorist acts only on the Internet.

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