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3 exercises for perfect abs

The abdominal muscles need to be kept in a taut condition, this is necessary not only for a beautiful press but also for the formation of correct posture, on which the health of the spine, internal organs, youth, and longevity depend.

These simple exercises do not require expensive equipment and trips to the fitness room, they are easy to perform at home on your own. To put a high load on the muscles of the peritoneum, you can choose the Tabata principle – a system of short interval training with high intensity.

Exercises for a toned abdomen

To do this, you need a timer, because you will have to train, strictly controlling the timing of the exercises. You should note 20-30 seconds and train as hard as possible, try to do as many repetitions as possible during this time. Then give yourself a little rest and relax for 10 seconds, and continue the interval method for three to five minutes.

1. Leaning forward

I. P. – standing. Move your right heel forward. Bending your knee, sit lightly on your left leg. Bend, trying to touch the palm of your right hand, to the toe of the foot. At the same time, at the same time as performing these movements, extend your left hand to the side. You can perform these movements at a slow pace at first to get used to, then gradually build up the speed. Work up to high intensity and change the position of the arms and legs at high speed. This exercise resembles the classic “mill”, only with some changes. It may seem a little difficult at first, but in practice, it gets absorbed pretty quickly.

2. The scope of the bird

I. P. – standing on all fours. Stretch your right arm forward while extending your left leg back. Try to keep the arm, head, back, and leg in one straight line. You can practice a little in front of the mirror so that they return to the correct starting position. When performing, watch your posture and do not allow your head to drop down or, on the contrary, throw it up. Then lower and bring the arm and leg so that the elbow touches the opposite knee. Do the required number of repetitions and return to the starting position. Do the same exercise for the left arm and right leg.

3 exercises for perfect abs

3. Raising the pelvis lying

I. P. – lying on his back. Bend your knees and rest your feet firmly on the floor. Lift the pelvis so that the body rests only on the shoulder girdle and feet. Straighten your right leg and place your left palm on it. Lift your leg up so that your left palm slides over it until you reach your knee. During the exercise, make sure that the body and extended leg are in a straight line. Perform the required number of repetitions and move to the starting position. Do the same exercise for the left leg and right arm.

High training efficiency and pressure stability without sudden changes depend on correct breathing during exercise. Breathe in only through the nose – it should relax the muscles. Intense tension is given on exhalation, which is done through the mouth.

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