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Should you give a second chance to a relationship after cheating? Let’s figure it out.

If a guy cheated you once, is he destined to repeat the same mistake over and over again? There is no single answer here. People are people, and sometimes we are wrong. After a hard failure, there is a wild feeling of guilt and the need to fix everything.

You probably wanted to go back to the guy who cheated on you or at least stays friends. Is it worth it? Let’s see in which scenarios the guy deserves forgiveness, and in which – adding to the “black list” in all social networks 🖤

Deserved a second chance:

  • He realizes he made a mistake

The main and primary sign that the guy will not cheat in the future – he admits that he did a bad deed. Even if you had a fight, even if you haven’t spoken for several days, even if he drank. A mistake is a mistake, and it takes a lot of inner courage and a willingness to change to admit that you were wrong.

Did not deserve:

  • He tries to put the blame on someone or something

Do you remember how in Friends Ross tried to justify his betrayal in front of Rachel by allegedly “taking a break”? This is the typical behavior of a person who does not want to take responsibility. He will accuse another girl, booze, friends, mercury retrograde, and the Russian government of cheating. Anything, just not to admit that he did something wrong.

Deserved a second chance:

  • He sincerely regrets

Taking responsibility for yourself is half the battle, showing regret is the other half. No need to crawl on your knees, a sincere apology is enough, which shows that he would sincerely want to correct his mistakes. This means that he understands your pain and wants to fix the situation.

Did not deserve:

  • He tried to hide the fact of treason

Honesty is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Cheating is insulting not only in terms of the fact that someone touched your loved one, but that there is no more trust and can not be. If you found out about the betrayal yourself, and the guy denied everything, think about whether you need a person who cannot directly admit his actions. Treason can be without lies.

Deserved a second chance:

  • It was only once

Pathological cheaters clearly do not deserve forgiveness. These are the ones who cheat in almost every relationship, and then wonder why they are abandoned. They cannot be trusted.

It’s another matter if the betrayal was only once. Of course, once is enough to undermine trust, but everyone is entitled to one serious fake.

Did not deserve:

  • He refuses to discuss it

Cheating is almost always an indicator that something is wrong in your relationship. Perhaps there is no previous trust or passion between you; maybe he’s afraid of your future and sabotaging the relationship. If the guy repents, then cheating is even for the best, it is a sign that it is time for you to work on your connection.

But if the guy flatly does not want to talk about what happened, perhaps he does not want to get any experience from there. And we are not about some unimportant details (with whom / when / where), but about the fact of infidelity in general, when you discuss problems in relationships.

Deserved a second chance:

  • Otherwise, he completely suits you

More often than not, cheating is just one of many relationship problems, but sometimes it’s just a ridiculous mistake and accident. If in the past your partner hasn’t cheated, cheated, didn’t give cause for concern, and worked on your relationship, then everything is fine.

Did not deserve:

  • He didn’t learn anything

There is no excuse for deception, you have to live with it and endure the experience. A normal guy will even begin to appreciate you even more after realizing that he could have lost. The bad one will not learn the lesson and will change, deceive, and hide the fact again. They don’t deserve your heart 💓

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