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You live in neighboring rooms, and it feels like on neighboring planets.

Holidays, spending time together … Leaving already? Let’s figure out why. Hold on, sis! = *

You had a different childhood.

Each generation is special, with its own chips and memories. The world is constantly changing, and man is adjusting. What seems terribly boring for us was a great happiness for our parents. What is fun for you is not clear to your parents. They are trying to transfer the experience of their childhood to you, but this is a deliberate failure because they were surrounded by completely different conditions.

You live in different dimensions.

It’s fun if your parents are wildly progressive and fumble for modern trends. However, in that case, you would hardly have clicked on this article at all. Usually, a person, reaching a certain age, seems to freeze – he has formed, is engaged in about one thing, and ceases to follow what is happening around. And it turns out that your reality seems to be one, but so different! You live in total digitalization, and your mom doesn’t know how to order a taxi through the app.

You speak different languages.

Crash, and that’s all, yes. We do not even notice how rich our speech is with words that sound foreign to our mothers. And here you are sitting, broadcasting, and mom’s eyes are opening wider and wider. And then it is bombed. Sadness, but agree, the reaction is logical. Do not roll your eyes and do not explode in response – give her an educational program!


They didn’t have a cult of mindfulness.

When parents grew up and formed as individuals, the timing was completely different. At that time, psychology was not available and popular, there were no bloggers, no one talked about the importance of mental health, how to raise children correctly, what things are worth doing, and which ones negatively affect the psyche.

You have different values.

What is a success, for example? Most likely, people from different generations will answer differently. For parents, this can be a permanent job, a monthly salary, and good housing. And for you – freelance, travel, and independence, for example. Disconnect.

They devalue emotions.

Some of our parents grew up in times of great change; they are children of the rift. They had neither the time nor the desire to engage in psychoanalysis, reflection, and talk a lot about feelings. Moreover, being tortured and unhappy is practically a trend of the past. Hence the request not to whine or complain.

They don’t know how to talk.

Any problem needs to be spoken out about. This is the only way to find a solution for her. Parents love to cry out and think that the problem will go away by itself if you ignore it. It’s tin. But as we already understood, they are so. What if our mission is to educate them? Just as they once taught us to walk, so now, gradually, will we teach them to communicate? Think about it! And good luck and patience, hugs!

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