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Dreamed of a friend with whom you have been in a quarrel for a long time and have not seen? Or how does your best friend take your boyfriend away? What do these dreams mean? We leaf through dream books and understand

What the Big Modern Dream Book says

A friend is an auspicious symbol. It means that in a difficult situation you will be supported and helped by people from whom you did not even expect it.

Do not be alarmed if you dreamed that you lost your girlfriend – such a dream means that in reality you will have new cool friends.

If in a dream she takes your boyfriend away, this is also not necessarily a prophetic dream. Most likely, it is your fears that evoke such nightmares. But to what extent your real fears are substantiated is another question.

If you dream that you went on a trip with a friend, then in fact you need to be alone in order to collect your thoughts.

And if in a dream you see how a suddenly rich friend pays you money, it means that in reality you have financial problems, but you are embarrassed to ask someone for help.

If in a dream you and your friend had a big fight, right up to a scandal and a fight, in reality you will put your whole life on some specific goal, but you can only achieve it at the very end.

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What does the “Everyday Dream Book” say?

Dreams about a friend foreshadow some small changes in life, and they will happen soon. If a friend smiles and looks happy, the change will be for the better. If she looks sick or upset, expect trouble and disappointment.

If you dreamed that you and your friend had a fight, it means that in real life you do not like the way others behave. Perhaps you feel that you are not appreciated enough and not given the attention that you deserve. This may have nothing to do with the girlfriend herself.

And if in a dream a friend is offended at you, it means that you yourself are not behaving very nicely in relation to others and ignoring their interests, because you are too fixated on your own.

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What Miller’s Dream Interpretation Says

We warn you right away – this is a very old-fashioned dream book. So do not be surprised that he considers the image of a friend to be a bad sign, which reads envy (female, of course), rivalry, and other troubles.

But friends, in general, are already good. Provided that they are healthy and happy in a dream. Such a dream promises a meeting with someone from dear people. But if a friend is upset or has a darkened face, this is a sign of illness and suffering. Bright red clothes on one of your friends are also not the most auspicious symbol – it looks like you will be very worried about your loved ones.

Cool dream in which your friend stands on a high pedestal. It means that you can accomplish a lot of what you have in mind. But if you dreamed that a friend was somewhere far below, in reality, you will forget about old connections for the sake of your own successes (it’s not a fact, it’s true that you will achieve these successes).

Pay attention to the color of the clothes – if a friend or boyfriend is wearing bright red, you will have to worry a lot about someone close to you.

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What else do the dream books say

A certain “English Dream Book” also does not favor girlfriends and says that such dreams hint at a rival who began to look at your boyfriend. You need to be especially vigilant if you dreamed of a former girlfriend with whom you had a long and strong quarrel.

According to the Wanderer’s Dream Book, the dreaming friend does not portend any special troubles and problems, but hints at gossip that can spoil your life. The same interpretation can be found in a couple of other dream books. Some, for example, “Tsvetkova’s Dream Interpretation” believes that girlfriends dream exclusively of deception.

Sometimes there is also a separate interpretation of dreams about a friend in a wedding dress. If you dreamed that she was just in white – difficulties in communicating with loved ones may appear in life. But if a friend is also a bride, then this is another matter, such a dream means support at the right time and, possibly, a solution to problems. If you dreamed of a friend at a wedding, the article Why the wedding is dreaming may come in handy.

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What the psychologist says

This is where context and detail are especially important. What exactly happens in a dream? What are your emotions?

The girlfriend can symbolize your own part, then the dream is based on identification. What is this part? For example, if a friend is angry in a dream, it is your own anger, which is difficult to see and recognize in yourself, it is easier to attribute it to another.

Or a friend in a dream is on her own, and not a part of you. Then this Unconscious draws your attention to your relationship and to what this friend means to you now. Such a dream reveals hidden feelings and emotions. For example, in a dream, you envy her. Or she is your inspiration. Your own associations to the dream image will help to decipher the meaning of such a dream.

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